Floral Decor

Flowers and plants decor, if you enjoy gathering a unique assortment of accessories into one space, you can do the same with potted plants plenty of houseplants and containers accommodate eclectic decor. Focus on interesting contrasts in color, shape, and teture. Example, brownish-purple foliage in a stone planter complements two deep-red planters and another stone-colored pot with red and green accents. Green-and white stripe plant and feathery dark-green fern add texture. Tip: to give height and interest to an arrangement, turn an empty pot upside down, and then place a potted plant on top of it. Consider the following houseplants for an eclectic feel.

  • Earth Star
  • mistletoe cactus
  • purple passion plant
  • rabbit foot fern
  • rosary vine
  • spider plant

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