Refresh with walpaper. To instantly impart style and warmth to an existing or remodeled room or a new space, put walpaper on your list of options. Today the choices are seemingly endless in all price ranges, colors, styles and patterns. To make decorating even more easier, many popular wallpapers can be match with matching fabric.

For a custom look, add a coordinating border. Another decorating alternative is to us borders with or as a substitute for moldings, trims, or chair rails. If you like just a touch of pattern, paper one wall in your room and pull out a color for the remaining walls. The old rules about what size pattern or where to use what motif are no longer set in stone. But you'll still want to consider how much pattern and color you'll enjoy living with every day. A busy, large pattern or a striking architectural motif can be effective in a power room, but you could find it overwhelming in a small sitting room or a busy family room or kitchen.

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