Home Decor & Accents

Finishing touches to any room, simple decorative accents complete the transformation of a gracious foyer. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to incorporate into your space.

  • a table lamp - warm and inviting layered lignting draws visitors inside.
  • mirrors or artwork - mirrors reflect light and brighten a room while a work of art or a woven tapestry adds a colorful focal point.
  • area rugs - during the summer months, lighten up the look by replacing oriental rugs with those made from natural fibers. such as sisal or seagrass.
  • seasonal decorations - swap out festive displays to announce the holiday at hand. Add a bowl of lightly fragranced potpourri to apeal to the senses as guest walk the the door.
  • furnishings - a handsome piece of furniture anchors the room and provides a place to display collectibles and family photographs.
  • houseplants - fresh greenery and blooming orchids, such as dendrobium orchid, bring any space to life.

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