Rugs & Carpets

Carpet can affect the entire look and feel of a room. Construction and material type, in addition to color, pattern, and style, are important in determining which carpet fits your needs. First choose a color that's best for your space. Dark hues cozy up an expansive room, while neutrals make a small are look large. Pattern and darker colors also go a long way in hiding dirt. A surefire way to make your carpet last longer (and minimize maintenance)is to select a style with built-in resistance to dirt and spills.

What's underneath your carpet also should be considered. Choosing the right pad is an important as choosing the carpet itself. The pad increases the life of the carpet and provides a layer that cushions the foot and insulates the from cold and noise. When making your selection, pay attention to thickness--a pad that is too thick can increase the risk of falling for anyone with unstable footing. Test a piece of the carpet you choose with the padding samples or varing thickness to select a quality pad that cushions with making the carpet to soft.

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