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A kitchen can be stylish as well as comfortable for the whole family.

Americans have rediscovered the kitchen as the family focal point. When it last played this role, our homes were small, and the kitchen hearth served both as a source of heat and a place to cook. So it was virtually the only place to gather. Today, the kitchen's rebirth as the gathering spot is born out of our life-styles. Working women and job commuting limit the time families can be together, but the desire is just as keen as ever. What better place to congregate than the kitchen? And, as women and men share in the cooking, the kitchen becomes as natural place for sharing amenities. The result is a kitchen that is now an expanded "living center," truly the heart and hub of the home. At its best the kitchen is the cooking center, a place for dining or snacking, a control center with desk and phone, a hobby area---and most of all, a place where family and frends experience emotional warmth just from being together.

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